Police Clearance Requirements in Davao City 2013

How to get Police Clearance for first timers in Davao 2013?

Here are the simple steps and tips.

What you need: ballpen, Barangay Clearance, Php 200, and a casual-sleeve attire

Location: Sanggunian Hall in San Pedro Extension and Police Barracks in Claveria, Davao City.


1. Go to Sanggunian  Hall Taxpayer's Office and get your priority number in the machine at the right side of the room. State your purpose of getting a police clearance and a CEDULA (if you have not yet obtain one), then fill up the information in the cedula form.

2. Wait for your number to be called then give your cedula form and your payment for getting a police clearance in the cashier. (It is around 60.00 php for me who is working 6mths+). Make sure not to forget to claim your Cedula and OFFICIAL RECEIPT after, before going to the Barracks.

3. You may go now to the Police Barracks (near PNB Claveria) and look for the blue tent outside. Inside, surrender your ID for you to enter and go directly to the area and fill up the police clearance form given by a man in blue shirt (don't worry he will approach you). MAKE SURE you write and fill up the information completely and correctly.

4. Together with your barangay clearance, police clearance form, cedula, and Official Receipt, give these to the man in window 1 and wait for your name to be called after. Once your name is called, enter Door 1 for your picture taking and ready your 80php payment beforehand (it is much better if you pay the exact amount). After that, you wait again outside for your name to be called in Window 2 for your actual Police Clearance.

5. AND do not sign and print your fingerprint in the clearance YET if you have not checked the information written in it first. If there is a correction, enter Door 1 again to inform the clerk and he will reprint it after. If none, get your ID back at the entrance, go home and relax or off for your next transaction.

Police Clearance is valid until six (6) months after issued.

*Estimated time of transaction: 15-45 minutes.

As of January 11, 2013


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  2. do u know of fake police clearance issued by the police station in davao city? or are there any other type or kind of police clearance in davao city?

  3. thanks for this information, it helps me a lot

  4. Is a barangay clearance really necessary?


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